QKS02-Black Swordsman

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  • QKS02-Black Swordsman
  • QKS02-Black Swordsman
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QK-S Swordsman 1 butt, 1 shaft Case
2 accessory pockets
Shoulder strap
Protect your cue in style

Interior Case Layout


Color- Matte black, Grey or White
Shape- Oval
Material- Water-proof vinyl
Pockets- 2
     Top- 8" long
     Bottom- 10" long
Base- Footed
Length- 33"


Structure- High imapct exterior tube
Lining- Soft mesh cloth and cloth divider
Direction- Shaft inserts in either direction
Butt- Butt inserts in either direction
Length- Fits up to 31" shaft(tightly)

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